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The Darling Buds of May...

Added on 7 September 2012
Today I have a gorgeous cloth for the table for your delectation...
Looking out upon my sun bathed garden, still rich with blooms I am minded to indulge in a little tea (and cake) in the garden. Set, of course, upon a suitably pretty cloth.

Imagine cherry blossom in the spring and you have an idea of the simply divine appeal of this wonderful fresh cloth for the table.

Smothered in blossom in the palest hues of pink, dotted with the richest of egg yolk yellow centres, all crowded upon natural green stems, and set against a ground of the loveliest pink tinged mink...



This is the perfect cloth to add a glorious vintage touch to your tea, breakfast or dining table, indoors or out!


The Japanese have a dedicated ritual to celebrate the arrival of the cherry blossom.

You can celebrate it anytime of the year with this superb cloth!




Enjoy the Indian Summer.


Sailors Valentines

Added on 12 September 2012

OK, I know it's not February, but my thoughts have turned to love. Why? Well take a look at these...

Don't you think these French shell boxes are just the most beautiful works of art from the past?







These gorgeous pieces of French shell art are from a collection amassed over many years of rummaging through Parisian flea markets. Often known as sailors valentines, so called because they were handmade by sailors for their sweethearts and loved ones back home, they are sadly increasingly difficult to come by these days. Particularly fabulous older examples like these. So we're thrilled to bring you these wonderful pieces.

Lovely small boxes of shell art like these make a beautiful and practical addition to any space. Useful and beautiful, they are endlessly handy for storing trinkets, keepsakes or matches for lighting a warming open fire now that autumn is here... a true love of mine!

An Ode to Rhubarb...

Added on 17 September 2012

Don't you think rhubarb is just one of the loveliest of joys of Autumn?


 ... A large trug of freshly picked rhubarb stems



set upon a white cloth


(and captured for posterity on a beautiful tinware tray)




Tea Anyone?

Added on 18 September 2012

There's always a pot brewing!

And some new finds to share.


Some English Breakfast perhaps? 

All pink & cosy

under a most English of cosies... 


smothered in cabbage roses.


Or perhaps a cup of red hot Lapsang?






Or maybe a little surprise from beneath the tartan?




All washed & dried afterwards with the prettiest of linen teatowels!




Flowers for the weekend...

Added on 21 September 2012

Gorgeous vintage English country garden flowers

courtesy of Royal academy exhibitor and accomplished English artist Barbara Shaw ...

from the late 1940s/early 50s.





Painstakingly slowly painted, from real life...

...for posterity




Enjoy the weekend!

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