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Jubilee Hurrah

Added on 3 June 2012


A  jubilee river pageant hurrah

to our Diamond Queen.


 Indulge your vintage patriotic lust,

and celebrate true British spirit-in spite of the awful weather!






Being indoors,

 hall suitably attired (naturally), 

proved a little more satisfactory on this occasion.





Happy Jubilee!


Enjoy your jubilee celebrations.


Luvilee Jubilee Celebrations!

Added on 7 June 2012

This long weekend has been fabulous! Our 'village' community had a wonderful celebration. The street was festooned in Union jacks of all hues and sizes, the homemade gaily rubbing shoulders with the bought, and ensigns with Union flags. And one of our party sipped tea from the Coronation mug she was presented with as a child on the day of the coronation. 

These are just a few photos from our party-yet to see the rest.









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