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LOVE actually

Added on 1 February 2012

Dear Vintage Hearts

It's February  and to paraphrase an old saying, a young man's and young woman's (and a not so young one's come to think of it!) thoughts turn to love.

And what more pleasurable, dear vintage hearts, than to give or to receive (to yourself included!) a gorgeous vintage love memento.

A little, or not so little, vintage keepsake that will become the ultimate lasting Valentine.


Will you be watching for the postman? 

And hoping for more than just a card?!


Take a look at a small selection of Be Mine beauties currently in our on-line shop

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Which will become yours?

To love and to cherish...


A diminutive rose needlepoint perhaps?


Or a sublime E.Byatt rose print?


A blush of roses?


Or an Edith Todd print?


Or, is your heart's desire a Victorian forget-me-not hand vase?



To have and to hold


Do you like your flowers captured elegantly in oils and paints?



Or a riot of roses Constance Spry style?


Or pressed perhaps?


Or hung upon a wall?


Tug the heart strings!


Strew the bed with roses.


Discover a luscious red heart.


Cultivate a new passion!



That is steadfast and loyal...


Let love take flight!


A pair of love birds that have already taken to the wing!


And an exquisite pair that have recently alighted.


And a love to wait for...

To be added soon!


A couple for the delicate Victorian heart.



And, something for the hungry heart!

Let them eat cake! 


Then brush aside the crumbs with rose strewn hand towels.




Dear Vintage Hearts

LOVE actually is...


It's a ROYAL Dog's Life!

Added on 2 February 2012

Lady Scarlett  Dandelion Asparagus Lynwater, affectionately known as Beanie (the Vintage Country Living dog),

received today's news of Kate & William's, (Duke & Duchess of Cambridge), acquisition of a cocker spaniel puppy with aplomb.

A tilt of the nose, a wiggle of the bottom, a wag of the ever-wagging tail and she was off, to retire on her vintage patent Goddard bed.

As if to say, but of course darling, what else would they choose! 


Merry, sporting, well balanced.

Gentle and affectionate, yet full of life and exuberance.

Our home would not be complete without her!  

She may not be royal but she's a precious member of our family.



For more information on English Cocker Spaniels contact:

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