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We have LAUNCH Houston

Added on 21 November 2011

(inspired by Geoff)


Dear Friends (I like to think that’s what we shall be)


The time for the launch has finally come, and I’m so excited. Not even the words of old web hands, who tell me that an on-line launch can be a bit of an anti-climax can puncture my high.


I like to think of all of you, out there in the void, settling down, perhaps with a cup of tea, perhaps with a drink, to browse the Vintage Country Living online emporium. My heart beats to the sound of tapping keys. What will you like? Will you feel the same thrill I feel when I find something? (particularly something that everyone else has overlooked, in the pursuit of polished perfection) Will you love the humble like I do? Will you see potential where others see none? Will you look at things with a fresh eye and open mind? And will you use them in exciting new ways and exciting new settings?


I hope so.


Countdown - Vintage Country Living style.


PS. Meet Beanie the Vintage Country Living dog, and inspiration for our logo.


And here she is in another incarnation.



And, just for good measure, another.


More soon...

Fifteen Minutes of Fame

Added on 23 November 2011

Hello my friends!


My feet are doing an extra happy dance ...We have our first press coverage.


Here's what Stamford Living has to say...



Vintage Vocation



See you soon with something new...

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