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Added on 12 January 2012


You’ve left home and started your day at work and realise its Friday the 13th! You’re at home (all six million of you around the world) and paralysed by fear and superstition. What to do?

Read This!

I live at no. 13 and intentionally exchanged contracts on Friday the 13th to buy my lovely rambling Georgian house. So what better to liven up a dull January than to hold an impromptu celebration to toast the day (and then another on Friday April the 13th and yet another on Friday July the 13th) !

Let the triskaidekaphobia and friggatriskaidekaphobia celebrations commence. Try saying it!!

Who knows perhaps it’ll catch on!



Make my (fearless) day.

Visit my on-line shop at (and tell all your friends), to help make it another incredibly, memorably lucky Friday the 13th!

How fab would it be if some version of 13something (1300, 13000, 130,000...) of you visited my site today!!   

Remember as Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the 32nd president of the United States said, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself”. 


Posted today for the benefit of those of you in Anadyr, Adelaide, Auckland, Brisbane, Canberra, Kiritimati, Melbourne, Suva, Sydney and many, many other places. 

Love Vintage Life in 2012!

Added on 5 January 2012


I hope you're enjoying the start of 2012.

We're just raring to help you LOVE & CELEBRATE VINTAGE LIVING in 2012!


As Twelfth Night approaches, the cosy, twinkliness of the house will soon give way to a floral freshness-just one last drinks party to go! The daffodils that have been in bloom since before Christmas will then find their way into the house in great armfuls. Every January I'm seized by the desire to let a fresh breath of air sweep through the house, though not necessarily literally given the biting wind and cold! Rooms suddenly bare will be cheered by all manner of floral abundance and cosy throws for snuggling by the fire. The long winter evenings will be put to use reinventing rooms and nesting. Bring on January!

In our on-line shop we have some fantastic floral pieces for you to effect your own floral transformation, and abundantly warm blankets. Take a look at some of these beauties. Even the blues are utterly gorgeous!



What better to hold your silks when indulging in a spot of needlework, or holding cherished letters for re-reading by the fire?


And, wrap up warm in a gloriously thick, pure wool, Welsh Tapestry blanket



Or perhaps a sumptous vintage crochet throw...



When it's not in use as a wrap, why not style it as a valance...



Look out for this one-I'll be adding it soon

(or if you can't wait email me!)



And this beauty too...


Before I go just a few more things to give you a lovely warm, toasty feel until the next time.



Something for a sewing doesn't come much better than an authentic Victorian patchwork.


And a tin for the all essential biscuits...tea just isn't complete without them!



And a cute pooch

And this, just because it's beautiful.



Have to dash now, back soon!





The Cosy Club Stamford:Vintage Inspiration

Added on 18 January 2012

Stamford has recently become home to a fabulous new vintage inspired eatery, The Cosy Club. Naturally, at Vintage Country Living we thoroughly approve! 

I had the pleasure of reviewing this new establishment.




India Gammon captured the great looks and ambience of the place for us.


Note the fringed Victorian light shades


And the antlers


The (ancestral) picture gallery


And, the looking glasses. For admiring, rather than looking in!


cosy, cosy, cosy


The glossy pillar box red bar


Patriotic memorabilia



Heads meet industrial factory lighting




Take a look at our on-line shop for ideas to create your own stunning authentic vintage interior.

Book mark us to keep an eye out for new stock arriving


drop  me an email to receive regular up dates:  


Vintage waterbuck needlepoint

now in store.


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